On Monday June 14th, Lake Road Animal Hospital will reopen our doors (with some restrictions) to fully vaccinated clients. As always, our primary focus is the safety of our clients, our team, and our patients.

We have learned so much through the challenges of a global pandemic, and we are deeply grateful to the people of the community who have been supportive of our team and practice despite the many bumps, potholes, twists and turns!

One of the things we have learned is how much CALMER many of your beloved furry family members have been visiting with us despite not having you inside the building with them. We firmly believe that most pets are far, far happier to have you with them. So we’ve asked ourselves what is it about the curbside experience that has led to so many pets being calmer and less afraid while visiting the veterinary practice? What we believe has played a large role in this change is skipping the waiting area. For this reason, Lake Road Animal Hospital will be keeping curbside check-in and check-out permanently. In addition, any client who has found the full curbside experience better for them or their pet is welcome to continue staying in the parking lot during visits. We are keeping our Teletails app (we are currently looking to find a more stable app that will ALWAYS work) so that you can continue to live stream visits to your phone. If you prefer a phone call after your pet’s exam, our veterinarians will be happy to continue to call you.

If you are fully vaccinated (two weeks past your final COVID-19 vaccine), you can opt to enter the exam room and be present for the duration of your pet’s visit.

You MUST provide proof of vaccination (either your vaccine card or the NYS Excelsior Pass) to be granted entry upon arrival for your appointment. There will be no exceptions.

We ENCOURAGE the use of face masks while inside our practice. You need to be aware that while MOST of the team has been vaccinated, not all of the team is fully vaccinated at this time. Most of our vaccinated team is choosing to continue wearing face masks at this time.

Only ONE fully vaccinated adult per appointment with a veterinarian can be granted entry due to the size of our exam rooms.

You will be required to remain seated throughout your pet’s visit. Our patient handlers will continue to provide physical support to your pet throughout the physical exam and treatment while you provide the emotional support.

Once your pet’s visit is complete, you will be asked to return to your car and complete check-out from the parking lot.

Surgical admissions and discharges, veterinary nurse visits, product pick-up, and sample drop off will all remain fully curbside with no client admittance into the practice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the practice at (607) 733-6503.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Team at Lake Road Animal Hospital