Everyone likes rewards, right?  They’re not just for your pets when they sit, stay, or do tricks.  Some rewards are just for YOU, the pet parent! Our Paw Perks Program here at Lake Road Animal Hospital is exactly that – packed with rewards for all of you pet mamas and papas out there.

If you didn’t enroll in Paw Perks on your first visit, and want to know exactly what it is, here’s the scoop:

Paw Perks members receive 5% back in Paw Perks points for every single dollar spent at Lake Road Animal Hospital and Kennel. Those points translate to dollars that can be used toward future services!

But that’s not all…Paw Perks members get a complimentary veterinary nurse visit every year! This is perfect for those times that you need to check in for a routine follow-up, or for those preventative care visits for vaccines and/or flea, tick, or heartworm tests and medications.  That means extra savings $$ just for you!

We also run promotions throughout the year that are exclusively for our Paw Perks members, giving you a chance to earn additional points.

If you’re interested in becoming a Paw Perks member – and who wouldn’t be, with all those rewards?! – stop by the office to enroll.  All these perks are available to you for the low cost of $15 per year. You can’t get that kind of a bargain anywhere else!

Just in case you didn’t know about Paw Perks at your initial visit, there’s no need to worry…we’ve got your back!  Just mention it to us on your next visit, and we’ll make sure to get you enrolled and apply those points from your first visit.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us when you’re here, or give us a call anytime at 607-733-6503.