Felix is a young, independent kitty who was not too thrilled to be brought to our office for a checkup. On his first visit, he was so frightened that we were unable to perform an exam. Sometimes, when our pets are scared, they lash out with claws or teeth. It is not their fault, and it’s up to us to minimize stress in every possible way.

For some of our patients, an anti-anxiety medication (or combination of medications) given before the appointment can make a world of difference. Such was the case for little Felix. Before we tried his second exam on another day, his owner’s gave him an oral medication 2 hours before his visit. Then, when he came to our office, we ushered him to our feline-only room, which has a feline pheromone dispenser and never smells like dogs.

Dr. Mulligan’s gentle touch and the calming effects of the medication were just what Felix needed. He allowed the entire exam to be performed with minimal stress and even allowed Dr. Mulligan to cuddle him before finishing.

Felix’s owner had great things to say after Felix’s visit:
“Dr. Mulligan was amazing with Felix. He has some anxiety about going to the vet. I had to give him an anti-anxiety [medication]. He had gotten car sick on the way to the vet and the staff cleaned his carrier and gave him a fresh towel. Awesome service and the doc really cares about the animals.”

Vet visits don’t have to be terrifying for our clients or our patients. We strive to make every visit as stress-free as possible, and every pet can benefit from fear free techniques.